The Unknown And What To Do About It

Life is full of surprises.
You wake up, it’s your first day of school.
Eager to learn. Excited to meet new friends.
Nervous of the unknown.

The next thing you’ll know, you’re in high school.
You wake up, it’s your first day of your cycle.
Uncomfortable with the changes in your body.
You become emotionally unstable.
You see boys differently. Someone catches your eye.
You experience heartbreak.
Thank God, your friends are there.
But you’re still nervous of the unknown.

And somewhere along the way, you end up in college.
All alone. Surrounded with strangers.
Far away from your comfort – your home.
Suddenly, you become a no one.
All your hardwork erased. Back to square one.
You become busy.
You drift away from your high school friends, unintentionally.
And even though you did not want to, you let doubts take over you.
A dark cloud hovers above your head everyday.
You become comfortable.
You name it “insecurities.”
You end up more nervous of the unknown.

And then.. reality knocks at your door.
Making your expectations disappointed.
The dark cloud growing bigger.
You see yourself thrown into this whole new world.
A world where taxes, salaries and responsibilities exist.
You realize something… you are not happy.
You want to change but the dark cloud gives you comfort.
In this world, you should forget the unknown and focus on the known.
In this world, you are all that you’ve got.
In this world, you need to be strong.
In this world, you learn.
In this world, life can still be full of surprises.


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