Change of Heart

“Have you ever thought why life is unfair?” She asked him.

“No.” He smiled. “But I have thought why people choose to think life is unfair.”

She looked at him, perplexed.

“Life is what you make out of it. If you think it’s unfair, it will be. If you think it’s wonderful, it will be.” He looked at her. “I know sometimes we don’t get what we want. Or achieve one of our goals. Sometimes we question Him, the All-Knowing, the Almighty, we ask him why is this happening to us. These things that we don’t understand. These things that we never have imagined happening to us. We become clueless. Hopeless. And, sometimes, faithless. I know. Because I was once like that.”

He paused. “I have always thought why are things so against me. Why wasn’t everything going my way. But then, one day, I changed my heart. I started seeing things in a different angle. A new perspective. But that doesn’t mean I don’t relapse. Because, I do. Sometimes. I guess that’s life. And if there’s something I learned, it’s that in every redirection, in every chaos, in every uncertainty, I will know myself better.”


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